Mr. Joneshill (Barry) has formulated the Thaumaturge collection of eclectic remedies with the hope that this form of healing should be accessible to all people to prevent psychological and physical illness and to support prescribed treatments by their practitioner.

Barry graduated from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, with a major in fine arts and a minor in biological sciences. He taught math and science as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa then returned to the states to re-degree as an elementary school teacher. He worked and lived in Alaska for twenty years where he completed a Master in teaching. After twenty three years of teaching, Barry retired and moved to Arkansas, where he owns and operates a health food store. He is married and they have a son and a daughter.

With a Doctorate of Naturopathic, N.D. and a Doctorate of Divinity, D.D., Barry has begun a new career more ably qualified to teach and guide people to natural wellness.

His Thaumaturge collection is an effort of his own research and prayers for guidance.

His guiding philosophy is that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, as the Bible teaches, and wellness, our concern for our body and how efficient it works is vital to Godıs purpose. To actively decide a positive, healthy course in this life by the wise choices we make or give is his concern for each person. If knowledge is power, Mr. Joneshillıs work is to share his to empower others.

Barry will do individualized case studies for a fee at your request by letter to him. All requests are returned within four days.