NU•OBDURATE is the second formulation in a line of herbal remedies designed for Thaumaturge. Thaumaturge is an ancient word suggesting ³bringer of miracles² thusly it represents a collection of eclectic herbal formulas that are natural and, when used with prudence, does not cause side-effects, but rather strengthens, cleanses, nourishes and stimulates the body to heal itself.

Thaumaturge's first formulation NU•ZAREBA addresses metabolism specific to a healthful way to lose weight or to gain needed weight. Since both issues stem from similar causes, NU•ZAREBA addresses three underlying causes that can create the imbalance. Specific to overweight and or underweight is: an ongoing yeast infection (not so much a rash or discharge as more so fatigue and a craving for sweets); infestation of parasites or worms (symptoms of itching, disease, exhaustion, mucus, gas or bloating and bowel disquiet); thyroidal exhaustion (coldness of hands and feet, low back pain, skin dryness, hair loss and difficulty in losing or gaining weight or an almost mysterious weight change despite little food intake).

And now NU•OBDURATE is available. Named because it deals with issues of sluggish nature when the possibility of healing is stubbornly unmoved and needs a "jump-start" to begin the healing processes. NU•OBDURATE is specific to the hair, skin, bones and nails. When the problem(s) arise from inadequate blood flow to any area from the clavicles (collar bone) upward balding, noises (ringing) in the ear, headaches, and thyroidal regulation manifest from the systemic slow down. NU•OBDURATE is a workable formulation that remediates broken bones, bone growth, balding, brittle nails, ingrown toe nails, malfunction of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, dry skin, headaches (especially migraines), muscular pains, excessive and unwanted hair growth for women and disquieting noises (ringing) in the ears. NU•OBDURATE was designed to nourish and strengthen the glandular system and stimulate proper hormone production and metabolism. It is suggested that at least a two (2) month program is needed. There are many nutrients that contribute to a healthy glandular and structural system. The following herbs in combination are beneficial to remediate specific conditions which result from mal-nourishment that affect the hair, skin, bones and nails.

Wood Betony (440 mg): is an effective sedative. It is useful for head and facial pain and works in cleansing toxins from the blood. It is effective for many diseases opening the spleen. It contains manganese and phosphorous and thus lends itself to nourish the glands. In annuals of herbal studies, wood betony is prescribed for bronchial asthma, delirium, fainting, gout, migraine headaches, as a heart stimulant, insanity, jaundice, lung congestion, nervousness, pain, palsy, stomach cramps, varicose veins, worms and glaucoma.

Shepherd's Purse (440 mg): is known to regulate blood pressure and heart action whether there is high or low pressure. It is a stimulant which contains vitamins E and K. It has magnesium, potassium, zinc and sulfur. Notably, it has been suggested for not only regulating blood pressure but also for ear, heart and uterus ailments, for water retention and back pain.

Devil's Claw (525 mg): Extensive experiments prove Devil's Claw to have healing powers in arthritis, diabetes, liver and bladder disease, kidneys, gall stones, rheumatism, purifying the blood and clarity of vision. It has the ability to cleanse deeply into the muscles and tissue walls and cleanse the entire body of toxins. Devil's Claw helps harden vascular walls to once again become elastic thus complaints of old age improve with the new feeling of strength.

Calcarea Phosphorica (3X): (homeopathic phosphate of lime) is the most abundant cell salt in the body. It is absolutely essential to growth and nutrition to strengthen bones and help build new blood cells. Deficiency plays a part in bone diseases, defective nutrition and poor dentition. It is particularly valuable to the elderly after acute disease as a restorative.

Propolis (500 mg): is a component of bee's honey and pollen. It offers benefits as a restorative of energy in the healing process and lends itself as an antibiotic to ward against invasive bacteria, viruses and funguses. Propolis aids the lungs to better absorb oxygen energizing the entire blood stream.

If this particular remedy appeals to your questions about your health, please understand that prudence is advised if you are controlling health issues with medication from your practitioner, especially blood pressure regulators. Thaumaturge is for those who seek a more natural way of healing. Thaumaturge is expressly designed using God's gifts naturally.

Suggested Use: Three (3) tablets a day at any time.

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